Woop Clan wins Tournament #5!

Challonge: http://challonge.com/9de9hng2

Clanwar: https://actionfps.com/clanwar/?id=2017-11-02T19:33:56Z

Many thanks to champo for his management of the tournament!



Automated Tournaments feature

We successfully tested the Automated Tournaments feature for ActionFPS in 3 tournaments.

Anyone can set up a tournament by simply creating one on Challonge and giving admin access to ‘WoopDrakas’. Player IDs must match the ID of the clan, eg ‘woop’. When a clanwar completes, the score will be entered automatically into the tournament.

So feel free to get your own tournament going, we’ll be happy to publicise it for you.

There’s no need for Drakas/Lucas/Sanzo involvement and this follows the vision of ActionFPS to create a smooth self-servicing game.

For more information read the ‘Tournaments’ Wiki page.

ActionFPS on Wordpress.com

This time we are going to try out WordPress.


On Blogger we had the following posts for our past tournaments:

  1. https://actionfps.blogspot.sg/2017/01/january-2017-tournament.html
  2. https://actionfps.blogspot.sg/2017/01/january-2017-tournament-2.html

Challonge integration was successful. We also added points decay for the inactive players to ensure we reward activity. Also we’re working on the very important Authentication features.